The Bucknall genealogy is almost entirely the work of Stephen Bucknall, and has stood the test of frequent double-checking over a long period. Some initial clues were also provided by a tree compiled by the late Mary Habakkuk.

The German Lenderking genealogy is taken from research commissioned by Ray Lenderking in the 1960s from a German genealogist, Kirchenrat D. E. Grimmel, and I am indebted to Bill and Eben Lenderking for their help.

Helen Ellis and Douglas Wilson have contributed a huge amount of information on the Fielden and Wilson families.

The English Davis family details were passed on to me by Jesser Hind and Richard Savory.

Andrew Westmorland has been expanding my knowledge of the Rolfe family, and I am very grateful for his inspiration and help with collaborative research. The L'Oste family tree was given to me by Tony Groser, and this has been checked and expanded. Similarly, the Goldsworthy tree (the work of David Goldsworthy) was passed on to me by Rosy Deadman, and this has been followed up and added to.

Tricia Stewart has also contributed the Greville genealogy, and is engaged in further research.

Rod Deadman has supplied extensive information on the Deadmans.

These last few trees were privately compiled by family members, and all are being gradually checked and expanded.

The information on the Halbert family in Australia is almost entirely the work of Judith Nicholls, and I am grateful to Ivan Halbert for his gift of her book.

The extensive Barker, Hills and Phillips genealogies grew out of the transcription of many wills, but I have had some very generous help from Sel Caradus with Hills and Barker information, and from Mike Brown on the Phillips brewing family, which is yet to be fully investigated.

The huge Anglo-Australian Hamersley/Hammersley family has a double Groser connection, through the English Bucknalls and the Australian Grosers. Marina Garrison and Graham Senior-Milne have both helped me considerably, through correspondence and with information from their respective websites.

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