Research for this site has ranged further and further afield, and some families with remote connections to the Grosers have been investigated more thoroughly than others who are much more closely connected. Nevertheless the emphasis has remained on collecting together genealogical information about the Grosers and the families of those who married Grosers, and if you have a Groser in your ancestry you may well find additional information here about other ancestors.

Many family members and others have contributed their own research, family trees, documents and ideas, and some have collaborated with me on specific areas of investigation. What follows is a simple description of some of the principal families shown on the site, and an acknowledgement of those contributors.

The starting point for Groser genealogy was Bill Groser's family tree, and other members of Christopher Groser's branch have helped considerably with information and ideas, most notably Bill's widow Mary Groser, Tricia Stewart, the late Jesser Hind and Tony Groser. For help with the descendants of John Groser of Grays, Essex, I am particularly indebted to Lyn Yates (Samuel's branch), Ann Rides (James's branch), Andrew Webb (Thomas's branch) and Graham Steer (Nicholas's branch). I was thrilled to make contact with the Indian Groser family, and Nigel Groser has been helpful and enthusiastic.

The Coxe family of England and America (who are Groser ancestors via the Jennys family) are strongly represented on this site. Research began with a long-lost letter unearthed by Tony Groser, and developed into a huge project which has drawn most heavily on generous help from Bill Jones (who contributed his notes and research on the Jennys family), Alexander DuBin's 1936 American Coxe genealogy, and the transcription of more than 100 wills. Other families included under the Coxe umbrella are Norton, Freeling, Sharpe and Rogers ; and the fragments of Virginian genealogy on the site appear by virtue of the Norton family's Virginian connections.

The Western Australian genealogy shown here draws on a number of private and public sources, particularly the Dictionary of Western Australians and Gil Hardwick's useful website. The Stone and Rose genealogies are largely the work of Brian Rose, and I have also had a good deal of help from Lorna Rose and Tricia Stewart. Hal Nicholson gave us some useful guidance on the Lukin family.

Most of the New England genealogy on the site has come from the internet, and has not been verified by me. I have tried to make comparisons between a number of sources and to include only those details which seem probable rather than fanciful. The line from William Bradford to A. S. Jones and the line from John Howland to Converse Sweetser have both been confirmed by the Society of Mayflower Descendants ; and some of this genealogy has been handed down by the family. The Stratford Historical Society have given generously of information and documentation on the Benjamin family, and Midge Hurtuk has devoted energy and time to helping verify the Groser/Jones/Bradford connection ; Eben Lenderking has also helped me considerably with some of the Massachusetts information.

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