Other significant names on the site include :

Farmer, Nugent and Oxley : Lyn Yates helped immeasurably with information and collaborative research.
Bayly : some of the initial Jamaican research (as well as on the Grosers in Jamaica) was done by Patricia Jackson, and her Jamaican Family History website has been of great help.
Pooley : I am particularly grateful to my cousin Alan Pooley, and his cousin Ben Pooley, for this information.
Upton : Eileen Groser passed on genealogical and historical information from the late Chris Upton which gave many useful leads.
Wickes : Delores Woodhouse has given me help and ideas, and these may be a key to unravelling some of the early Groser families.

I have also been able to draw on earlier private family histories by Mildred Daniel, Ethel Rose, Dorothy Upton and Walter Davis.

The following family members and others have also given useful help and information :

Many thanks to all of these, to those I have neglected to mention, and to those who contribute in the future.

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Deb Beban (Groser and Groom families)
Fr. Richard Brewster (Grosers in New York)
Martin Collyer (Collyer family)
Weld Coxe (Coxe family)
Peggy Dickenson (Grosers on Long Island)
Bob Dillingham (Groser and Dillingham families)
Judy Evans (Upton family)
Russell Farnham (Farnham family)
Brian Fleming (Maudslay family)
Liz Gadd (Franklin and Chown families)
Mandy Greenland (Greenland family)
Angie Groser (Indian Grosers)
Gano Haley (Bland family)
Kathie Haley (Groser, Coffeen and Haskins families)
Barbara Heutchy (Farmers in America)
Peter Hinton (Hills family)
Chris Hoinacki (Jones family)
Patricia Howes (Cox family of Gravesend)
Ella Jenness (Grosers in New York)

Rosemary Jukic (Groser, Laxton and
Newman families)
Betty Long (Baldwin family)
Jim Maher (Grosers in New York)
David Milne (Milne and Day families)
Chris Norman (Meiklejohn family)
Tom Scott (Humphrey family)
Ngaire Shaw (Grosers in England)
Betty Smith (Farmers in Australia)
Grace Bliss Smith (Bliss family)
Jennie Stevens (Stevens family)
Russell Stewart (Grosers and Freelings in Australia)
Susan Sylke (Pratt family)
Amanda Taylor (Franklin and Chown families)
Ken Wallis (Richards and Retallack families of Cornwall)
Dave Dillingham Wiltshire (Dillingham and
Groser families)
Keith Winters (Grosers in England)