The majority of pages on this site are devoted to genealogy, with one family or individual to each page.

From the Contents page, the Index of Individuals link will take you to a list of individuals with a surname beginning with "A", where the links down the left-hand side of the page lead to the other letters. Clicking on a name in the Individuals list will take you to the page showing that person and his or her parents and siblings. The Index of Families works similarly, except that clicking on a link takes you to the page where that couple (sometimes an individual with an unknown partner) is shown, with their children if applicable.

The "family pages" are in two sections (except those showing only one person or a childless couple). Where a couple is shown, clicking on either will take you to their respective parents. Where children are shown, clicking on any of these will link to their own "family page", showing spouse and children if applicable.

If one or both of a couple had another spouse or partner, the link for these is shown last of all, after the date of marriage for childless couples, or after the listed children. There is a handful of adopted children on the site, and their pages will show a separate link to their "other" parents (natural or adoptive), if known.

Where a name is not underlined there is no available link. But
please note that the underlined links are in the process of being changed to red text, and moving between pages may well take you from one format to the other.

All of the pages also have links back to the Index pages (these return to "A") and the Contents page.

To protect their privacy, living people are not shown, although sometimes basic details are given in order to show a connection between two families.

Please contact me at if you have any questions about using the site, corrections to or questions about the genealogy, or if you find a link which exists but goes to the wrong page.

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