This site is a long-term project which will always be a "work in progress". It is intended eventually to include histories of several branches of the family as well as individuals, but the rate at which information comes in outstrips the rate at which it can be collated and included, so please be patient with the site's limitations, and contact me privately or at the address below with any suggestions, comments or corrections.

Bill Groser, whose research into the Groser family was the starting point and inspiration for, used to send out family trees to far-flung relatives, and I hope that this website will achieve the same effect of informing and entertaining those family members who would like to know more of their ancestry and connections. It has the advantage over paper and postage in being correctable, flexible, and able to grow.

A brief history of the site : the original version was created in 2003 and after February 2007 was not updated. In February 2015, due to the primitive one-level structure of the site and the demands this made on the webhost's security software, it was reduced to "text-only". The present reconstruction, incorporating a slightly less primitive structure, is virtually from scratch. Much of the genealogy on the old site was second-hand and remote from the Grosers, and will be rechecked before going online again, or discarded. For the past two years my research has concentrated on the Uptons and related families of North Oxfordshire, England, and because of this they will be the main genealogical focus of the site for a while. However, because the new site is far more easily manageable than the old version, I hope to be able to update and expand the genealogical pages almost as they are created, and changes should be noticeable on a weekly basis.

Some of the introductory pages to the old website have been retained for the time being - links to these can be found on the Contents page and are so designated. I intend to retain the family photos which appeared formerly, and I hope links to these will soon be in place, although much of the related genealogy will not appear for a while yet.

Thanks to all the family members (and others) who have given their time, memories, documents, photos and cooperative research to this continuing project ; and a special "thank you" to my nephew Conor, whose wise counsel helped reveal a way forward. I hope the new site will eventually reflect and justify everyone's efforts.

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